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Letters to the Editor

From time to time, a commentary on the world will bubble up inside of me to the extent that I'm forced to write a letter to my local, metropolitan, daily newspaper, The Age. This is where I blow of some steam. Feel like venting too? Add your own comment or visit my homepage.

Monday, March 21, 2005

'Interfering' Politicians Our Only Voice

It is entirely appropriate for our elected representatives to lead our legal system into a 21st century. I want fair, efficient and effective courts, suitably resourced and independent from Government in their judgements. Justice Phillips may not like the idea of politicians calling the shots (21/3), but then, what's the alternative? A greying network of old school chums operating through professional associations, private clubs and legal fraternity functions? Justice Phillips may have his voice heard at all the right dinner parties, but what of those of us who remain outside - yet firmly subject to - this system? Our Attorney-General is to be commended on bringing reform to this self-interested closed shop.



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