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Letters to the Editor

From time to time, a commentary on the world will bubble up inside of me to the extent that I'm forced to write a letter to my local, metropolitan, daily newspaper, The Age. This is where I blow of some steam. Feel like venting too? Add your own comment or visit my homepage.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Hit With The Doctors' Club

It is disingenuous of doctors to lay blame for the shortage at the feet of the government. After all, the doctors' guild - through their college system - sets the standards for admission to their cosy clubs. They also lobby through their union, the AMA, to keep an iron grip on Medicare and prescribing rights.

I argue that we would be better off with a lot more medical specialists and a broadening of the scope of allied health practitioners - even at a marginally lower level of quality. Who cares about maintaining artificial "standards" if you have to spend two days on a trolley before seeing a doctor?



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