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From time to time, a commentary on the world will bubble up inside of me to the extent that I'm forced to write a letter to my local, metropolitan, daily newspaper, The Age. This is where I blow of some steam. Feel like venting too? Add your own comment or visit my homepage.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Street Theatre Threat Neutralised

Have we lost our minds? Scott Parkin was over here running workshops in street theatre! Of course he should be detained and deported - post haste. How many honest hard-working Australians will be spared a soul-destroying encounter with an abstract noun (like Poverty or Oppression or Globalisation) made flesh by some guy with a cloak, a papier mache mask and a cardboard scythe.

Let's not forget the hapless ASIO spy who selflessly jeopordising their mental health by gathering intelligence at these workshops. Let's only hope that this brave operative's recuperation is swift and their return to sanity complete.



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Blogger Iain Murray vented ...

Deported peace activist blameless

November 1, 2005

AN AMERICAN peace activist deported from Australia on the grounds he was a threat to national security was not involved in any dangerous or violent protests in Australia, ASIO revealed yesterday.

Scott Parkin, 36, from Houston, Texas, returned to the US in September after his visitor's visa was cancelled on the grounds he posed a national security risk. He was kept in solitary confinement by Australian Federal Police in Melbourne following an adverse security assessment by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

ASIO chief Paul O'Sullivan denied his agency was pressured by the US into making the adverse assessment. Asked if Mr Parkin had been violent in Australia, Mr O'Sullivan said he had not.



Thursday, November 03, 2005 3:57:00 pm  
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Blogger Greg vented ...

No, Iain, you don't get it. It is not a question of whether or not he was violent, or about to be violent, or encouraging others to be violent.

It's a question of whether or not he knowingly and with malice of forethought subjected innocent Australians to appalling works of improvised drama in a public place.

ASIO was - quiet rightly - seeking to protect citizens of this city from groans, eye-rolling, nausea or even retching at the sight of unbelievably lame protest theatre.

He may not have been directly or indirectly violent, but we were spared further assaults on our senses and having our aesthetic sensibilities mugged.

Good work ASIO!

Thursday, November 03, 2005 4:32:00 pm  

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